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Roofing Services

Below are the roofing services we provide grouped by category. Remember, no job is too small or too large. We do repairs, re-roofs, additions as well as new construction.
We use a 15# ASTM felt underlayment. Shingles are made of fiberglass and you can choose 20 year or 25 year 3 Tab Shingles or 30 year Dimensional shingles. Shingles come in many colors and are made by several manufacturers.
We use a 2 layers of 30# ASTM felt, 40# ASTM felt or TG-2 underlayment. New wood battens are then installed as well as new roof penetrations (T-tops, pipe jacks, etc.). Tile will then be installed.
Modified Rolled Roofing
We first tear off and inspect for and replace any bad wood beneath the original roofing material. Then we lay down a Polysand base sheet and drip edge metal along the perimeter. After that we apply a peel and stick modified rolled roofing using an 80 lb. roller to activate the process.
Coating On Flat Roofs
We re-coat roofs that have previously been coated and we also coat over existing foam roofs. We use a roller to roll on the coating where other companies will just spray it on. Rolling gives better coverage.
Maintenance Program
We offer a maintenance program. Maintenance of a roof is very important in order to avoid deterioration of the roofing material whether it is a tile, shingle or flat roof. Debris from trees on valley areas or scupper outlets dams up the water flow and diverts water to the underlayment cause it to deteriorate prematurely. We will go out either once a year or every 6 months, your choice. We will go over the entire roof to make sure it is holding up or if we see any signs of problems or leaks.

Residential Roofing

We specialize in residential roofing with most of our jobs coming from previous customer referrals.

We provide free estimates to homeowners for all their roofing needs. Anything from simple repairs to full replacements to new construction.

Modified Rolled Roofing
Coating On Flat Roofs
New Home Construction
Wood Work

Commercial Roofing

Although most of our work is on the residential side we are licensed for commercial roofing as well and have completed several large projects throughout the valley.

We provide service for all the same materials as residential roofing and regularly repair damaged foam roofing but do not install foam roofs. We simply do not believe in their quality and ability to provide a long lasting roofing solution.

Metal Roofing
Modified Rolled Roofing
Coating On Flat Roofs
Commercial Roofing Project

Roofing Maintenance

Regular roof maintenance helps to ensure that whatever type of roof you have will last. Debris can divert and obstruct the ability of water to flow correctly, causing it to dam up and prematurely deteriorate your homes underlayment. That’s why we provide maintenance packages for annual and bi-annual service.

Some benefits of roof maintenance include:

Curb Appeal
Extended Roof Life
Energy Efficiency
Damage Control
Avoid Costly Roof Repairs
Maximize Protection

Before You Hire A Contractor

Please be sure to check your contractors out thoroughly before choosing one to do your work. There is a section on the Registrar of Contractors website informing consumers of the dangers of doing business with non-licensed companies. The website will also guide you on how to choose a contractor.

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